Noel Forest Price

Noel Forest Price was born in North Carolina and grew up moving across the US with his parents and four sisters, homesteading in Alaska and finally settling on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  After high school, Noel split his time between working as an electrician, traveling the world and attending the occasional school or college.  Interested in photography at an early age, Noel attended Northwest School of Arts in Portland, Oregon, studying photo-composition and darkroom techniques.  After visiting 32 different countries, Noel earned a degree in Psychology at the University of Washington.  Afterwards, he experienced a number of different vocations and became an avid sailor, living on his 30 foot cutter, Branwen, for many years.  Noel maintains a residence in Washington State with the renowned artist, Marina Vladimirovna Shipova, a dog, cat and two chickens.


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a Dog in Space


There’s a dog at the apex, some training, some rejects, some answers to learn.

Reaching to star stuff through ozone and cloud-fluff where hydrogen burns.

Wet nose pressed against the glass and wonder as stars pass by him.

So you’re out on a limb and the air’s getting thin, getting to thin to bare. You’re cold to

bone but there’s no going home, going back home from here.

The politic changes, the press rearranges and history’s made. But a small dog in

space, from a top secret base is alone and afraid.

He watches the land and sea, but there is no one to see him.


port angeles, wa




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